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Buying a brand new Cricut Maker at HALF PRICE!

Updated: Oct 1, 2021

In this blog I will be explaining how I bought a Cricut Maker at half the price it is being sold at in stores in South Africa. Yes , you can now go and pick up your very own Cricut Maker at a store, at your convenience or through an Online store like Takealot. This blog is to help those who are wanting to save a little money. You are the ones I would like to help! So lets get into it.

WHY is it so expensive?

So this only applies to people in South Africa. As you know the Rand is very weak in comparison to the dollar and all these amazing products that we would LOVE to have are way cheaper in other countries. Unfortunately that is what it comes down to. The goods would need to be imported by your local craft store and that costs money. Import duties, tax and delivery fees are factors that go into the price of these items when they are sold in South Africa.

Currently the cheapest deal I can find online is on sale going for R7299 at Takealot.

Half Price? Really..?

Yes! A lot of people are afraid of using Amazon when it comes to purchasing but here's why it just works. Amazon allows you to order the Cricut Maker at R3850 (currently) . Yes R3850! This is the actual price the maker is being sold at by CRICUT. I bought mine for a little bit less because I waited for the Rand to get a bit stronger. So back to why Amazon is amazing. You get to see your full amount that you would need to pay before purchasing. That means shipping, taxes , import duties etc. This is a huge help because nobody wants to sit with a huge bill once the item arrives. It also doesn't take that long to get here. I paid about R250 extra to my delivery fee for "faster" shipping and my Cricut Maker arrived in a week! I was ecstatic because it was much earlier than it was expected to arrive. I also ordered some vinyl and transfer paper.

What's the Catch?

Shipping fees. Your shipping is a lot and so are the taxes and import duties however you are still saving almost R2000! This is a lot of money when you have been saving up for a long time. This is including all delivery fees, import duties and any other fees. In times like these that extra R1000-R2000 can go toward groceries and if not that then materials and tools to add to your Cricut Maker. Below is an example of what your checkout would look like on Amazon. Note the prices may vary depending on what the Rand value is at the time of your purchase. You will be able to see ALL fees in this image.

What's in the box? Things to know.

I have created a Youtube Unboxing video showing you what you will receive when buying your first Cricut Maker. I have also made it very easy to purchase the one I did by clicking on any of the hyperlinks in this BLOG. When watching my Youtube video there will also be a link below that video for you to check out the Cricut Maker and how much it will cost. It is important to know what you will be getting in the box. This way you can add to your current order on Amazon if what you wanted was not included in the box. I purchased Vinyl and Transfer tape as well when purchasing my Cricut Maker. This still came to less than the price of a Cricut Maker in South Africa. So all in all, worth it!

I hope this helps you when purchasing your first Cricut Maker! Drop me a message on Instagram at lindens_customs when you get yours!

Cricut Maker link:

Thanks for Reading :)



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