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How to buy Custom Shoes!

So how does it work?

In this blog I will be explaining how the process works when purchasing a custom pair of sneakers through me. Before deciding you want to get a custom shoe you generally have an idea of what you want before attempting to contact an artist. This is because you have seen loads of images on Instagram and videos of your favourite artists creating some incredible work!

You have your idea

Now lets get you started. The next step will be the shoes. Which silhouette would you like the artwork to be on? The design you have in mind will also be influenced by the shoe you decide on using. What material is your shoe? Leather is the easiest to work on however places like the front where the shoe bends will start cracking over time. Canvas works well because the paint seeps into the fabric and doesn't sit on the surface. This means that there will be no cracking over time. Suede is a surface I prefer not to work on as it doesn't hold paint well. It's best to dye light coloured suede instead of painting it.

You have your shoes

You have either provided me with the shoes or you would like to have the shoes included in the price with me sourcing them for you. Now we work on the concept. Think of this like getting a tattoo. How much art do you actually want on your shoes? Do you want a color change? Do you want a character on your shoes or do you want a full character and color change? All of these options will have their individual prices. There is another option where you have a character or concept in mind but you want me to take creative control over the design. This will also have its own individual cost.

Now you have the price

If you requested the shoes to be bought and included in the price, you will need to pay for this upfront. There will also be a 30% deposit fee for supplies and for me to start working on your concept. The process will then take 1-2 weeks depending on how many projects I am working on or how detailed the design is. Once you receive your shoes you will pay the remaining 70% of the artwork. If you are out of Cape Town delivery will be at an extra cost. This is generally around R100 in South Africa. If you are out of South Africa a special delivery process will take place and the price will then be added to the final cost. All payments must be made before any delivery takes place. AND THAT'S IT ! :)

I hope this clears up a lot for everyone wanting to get a custom shoe!
Thanks for reading !

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